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Solarity is the leading software and services provider for the digital capture and indexing of medical records. Every day, we’re helping major healthcare systems around the country make sure their medical records are entirely and accurately indexed and into their EMR as quickly as possible. The benefits from our rapid, AI-powered technology deliver so many essential goals for health systems, chief among them being the creation of operational efficiencies, enhanced medical record quality, and improved physician satisfaction.

Ms. Dana Victor is the System-Wide Assistant Director for Health Information Management Operations at the University of California at San Diego. In a recent video, she discusses how Solarity helped her group meet and exceed the precise goals laid out by her organization, including rapid document review turnaround, greater system efficiency, and lower overall costs. Ms. Victor also talks about meeting her goal of utilizing staff time in the most productive way possible rather than being wasted chasing “rogue” forms and other errors. She also discusses how Solarity’s advanced reporting capabilities mean she can walk into any meeting and show –in detail –how her group is helping to meet the goals and needs of their internal customers.

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We make a lot of bold claims about our services, our technology, and the speed and accuracy of our results. Don’t take our word for it - schedule a demo today and see for yourself the  difference Solarity can make in the value and efficiency of your EMR investment.

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