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The use of data is growing exponentially in healthcare, with 30% of the world’s data volume coming from healthcare and the compound annual growth rate of healthcare data estimated to reach 36% by 2025. But data comes in many forms and is only useful when it is managed properly. In fact, even though there are thousands of data sources in a typical acute care setting, 80% of health data is underutilized.

While this is the case for too many caregivers, there is good news for providers using Solarity alongside Epic’s document storage. Solarity is the only vendor currently compatible with Epic Chart Search, which enables healthcare providers to easily search for terms and clinical detail within patient records. Solarity is unique in its ability to process and release documents in a manner that enables Epic’s Chart Search to function.

From a caregiver’s perspective, this capability offers better data management with the potential to power advanced clinical care. Providers can seamlessly search a patient’s history, including external and historical records, which are not typically filed discreetly within the EHR. Having the ability to search for specific terms within these documents results in a significant time savings, especially considering the bloated nature of external and historical records.

As staff burnout and clinician shortages continue to drive the news cycle, solutions that help support these teams become more important than ever before. A major factor cited in clinician burnout is the amount of time required for non-clinical tasks, data entry, and EHR management. Solarity’s tie-in with Epic Chart Search enables staff to leverage data more efficiently, reducing the operational burden and freeing staff to spend more time with patients.

Chez Tschetter, Chief Technology Officer of Solarity, stated, “This functionality is important to optimize patient care. When providers can quickly access accurate medical history within charts that may have been overlooked or taken hours to find, their care decisions can factor in a broader understanding of their patients. With near real-time access to these records, providers can gain a full picture of the patient’s story, enabling more informed and faster decision making to support better patient outcomes.”

There’s no question that Solarity’s capabilities, coupled with our turnaround and quality guarantees, results in a win-win for providers and patients alike. Timely, quality, and comprehensive data are important factors to ensure both informed and optimal decision-making.