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Solution Overview

Fast, Consistent, Efficient Capture and Indexing for EMR

Electronic medical record systems require timely, high-quality data for maximum effectiveness. From initial patient encounter to points of service, discharge, and continuing care, providers and business managers rely on this information to be accurate and properly formatted. Patient care and revenue recognition depend upon it.

Not all documents arrive in the correct format. Many, if not most, must be scanned and indexed prior to being used. Often, they come as unformatted documents that need interpretation to be usable. Solarity meets this crucial need by dramatically accelerating the conversion of healthcare documents into properly structured and indexed EMR with greater than 99% accuracy.

Solarity’s technology combines OCR with powerful natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI) to generate its superior results. However, Solarity is also exceptionally intuitive to use. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Image Capture

Insert documents into any scanning device.  There is no need to separate or label any records prior to scanning.  It’s really that simple.  Images can also be easily imported and captured via fax, PDF, CD’s and other document sources.

Step 2: Index

Solarity automatically identifies the patient, encounter, document type, and any additional fields and indexes them directly into the EMR.  You and your staff can focus your attention on other essential tasks.

Step 3: Review

Solarity’s software alerts your team to review exceptions or documents that the system isn’t confident about indexing. The system learns over time based on the results of these reviews.

Step 4: Receive

After review, Solarity sends the completed medical records to your document management system and places each patient record into your EMR.

Client Highlight

City of Hope National Medical Center Adrienne Beauvois, Senior Director of HIM

As a leader in comprehensive cancer care, City of Hope National Medical Center is accustomed to handling large volumes of complex charts. Located in Duarte, California, this 217-bed healthcare facility provides specialized treatment to approximately 24,000 patients annually.

The patient volume, coupled with the size and complexity of charts provided by previous treatment facilities, caused an intense backlog in the hospital’s health information management department. Like many HIM departments, they often dealt with staffing challenges, which further complicated the issue. Adrienne Beauvois, Senior Director of HIM at City of Hope, was frustrated by the problems.

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We make a lot of bold claims about our services, our technology, and the speed and accuracy of our results. Don’t take our word for it - schedule a demo today and see for yourself the  difference Solarity can make in the value and efficiency of your EMR investment.

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