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Slide Health Information Accuracy, Accessibility, and Interoperability Solarity delivers on the promise of interoperability by automatically converting any healthcare document into an indexed medical record with discrete patient data. Our innovative technology eliminates manual patient data classification and creates a superior user experience for providers. SCHEDULE A DEMO

Interoperability Begins with Standardized Medical Records

Solarity is the universal translator of medical records, enabling uniform patient data across the health system and making interoperability a reality.

Solarity’s technology makes this process simple, intuitive, and efficient. Each user within a healthcare organization sees the patient information they need, in the format they expect, from the treatment room to the billing office.

Our recognition, abstraction, and indexing technology also streamlines data alignment for interoperability with outside entities. Healthcare organizations know that the patient information they receive transparently integrates within their existing workflow.

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We make a lot of bold claims about our services, our technology, and the speed and accuracy of our results. Don’t take our word for it - schedule a demo today and see for yourself the  difference Solarity can make in the value and efficiency of your EMR investment.

By The Numbers

Images processed annually
Utilize Solarity review service
Of clients are top 20 hospitals named to US News 2020-21 Best Hospitals Honor Roll
Average cost reduction
Net Promoter Score
Of clients scan at Point of Care (POC) as best practice
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