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This release was originally published on PR Newswire. You can find it here. 

Solarity’s intelligent automation engine combines with the Lyniate Interoperability Suite to integrate all forms of health data into the EHR

St. Louis – July 19, 2022 – Solarity has announced a strategic referral partnership with Lyniate, a global leader in healthcare data interoperability. The partnership brings together Solarity’s powerful automation engine and the Lyniate Interoperability Suite.

As a result of this collaboration, hospitals and health systems can process all data, digital or unstructured, to be indexed and delivered to the EHR. This produces more complete health records, enabling a better patient experience through improved response and care. It also reduces the strain on an already-stressed labor force, which in many cases is not capable of executing this level of data integration.

Solarity’s intelligent automation engine, which quickly and accurately identifies and analyzes all patient data, regardless of source of format, enhances a user’s data collection process by working with Lyniate Corepoint and Lyniate Rhapsody: two industry-leading integration engines.

“Coming together with Lyniate produces an all-encompassing partnership, covering the entire clinical data ecosystem,” said Andrew Fehlman, CEO of Solarity. “Both companies understand the challenge facing health systems to interpret clinical data, regardless of the source, format, or labeling, and put the right information into the right hands at the right time. This partnership helps healthcare organizations power life-changing care.”

“We believe in building connections for a healthier world and this partnership is a natural outcome of that vision,” said Drew Ivan, Chief Strategy Officer at Lyniate. “Providing clinicians with timely access to data and helping them communicate across the healthcare ecosystem enables them to provide better healthcare, while also helping them understand, prepare for, and influence changes on the horizon.”

Solarity and Lyniate’s status as industry-leading solutions was further validated by their selection by Epic for inclusion within its Garden Plot offering, which delivers Epic’s “Best in KLAS” software to independent medical groups through a hosted and supported Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Garden Plot gives small, independent groups access to the software and third parties they need, plus the strength of Epic’s interoperability network with minimal overhead.


About Solarity:
Eighty percent of healthcare data is underutilized—Solarity is changing that! Our intelligent automation engine quickly and accurately identifies and analyzes all patient data, no matter its source or format. Solarity replaces the labor intensive, error prone, manual work needed to make clinical information accessible and usable within your electronic health record for unique physician workflows. The result? Faster, more informed clinical decisions for physicians and better outcomes for patients. Solarity continues to revolutionize healthcare delivery, mitigate costs, and improve patient outcomes.


About Lyniate: 
Lyniate partners with healthcare organizations around the globe delivering a flexible interoperability suite that reliably connects people and the quality data they need. As a trusted partner, Lyniate powers the applications and workflows that improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes today while helping healthcare teams to understand, prepare for, and influence changes on the horizon. Lyniate is committed to empowering people with Best-in-KLAS® ranking interoperability solutions for healthcare, from specialty clinics to large care networks, from health insurance providers to health technology, and everything in between. Visit to connect.