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Solarity CEO Andrew Fehlman was interviewed by CIO Applications. This full text of this piece can be accessed here.

Solarity is driven by the mission to revolutionize the data infrastructures of modern healthcare industry. The company has designed an intelligent automation engine to quickly and accurately identify and analyze patient data from multiple sources. It replaces the labor-intensive, error-prone, and manual process of making clinical information accessible and usable within your EHR for improved physician workflows. This enables physicians to make the right clinical decisions at the right time for better patient outcomes.

In conversations with CIO Applications, Andrew Fehlman, CEO of Solarity, shares insights into how Solarity has facilitated the fragmented clinical data processing.

What are the value propositions that make Solarity unique?

The modern healthcare industry generates nearly thirty percent of the world’s data. The vast data set, however, often remain underutilized given the unstructured or fragmented nature. Every healthcare organization has its information system. On average, these systems receive clinical information from over 1000 different sources every 48 hours. This massive amount of information needs to be consumed and organized within the EHR- a difficult feat to achieve given that every EHR is set up in a customized way….